During the manufacturing of an Efficiency fabric resources are responsibly used and waste production and CO2-emissions are minimized:

  • Efficient manufacture with a constant quality monitoring.
  • Optimal electricity, water and gas use.
  • Minimal use of chemicals.
  • Recycling of yarn remnants, yarn cones, plastics and packing materials.

Efficiency fabrics respect the health and hygiene of living spaces and their occupants:

  • Manufacture of fabrics that are totally free from toxic and smell-inducing substances.
  • Registration of all chemical substances used according to REACH, the EU regulation on the Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals (EC 1907/2006).
  • Easy care and durable fabrics that assure long-lasting hygiene and well-being at home.

Efficiency branded fabrics hold the ISO 14001 certification for environmental-friendly manufacturing.