What is Efficiency®?

Efficiency is a registered quality brand for upholstery fabrics. Efficiency fabrics are technically superior and combine easy care, durability and eco-friendliness. Efficiency stands for people-friendly and green design.

What does the word “Efficiency” refer to?

In its broadest definition, “Efficiency” refers to the best result with the least input possible. Within the philosophy of the Efficiency brand “input” refers to natural resources and raw materials. An excessive and irresponsible use of resources, unfortunately still very common in the textile business, results in high environmental costs.

Why choose for a sofa with an Efficiency® quality label?

The Efficiency quality label offers important user’s friendly properties like easy care and long-lasting beauty. Efficiency is also friendly to nature. Choosing an Efficiency fabric helps to lessen the impact we leave on the natural environment with our sofa purchase.  

What advantages does an Efficiency® fabric offer compared to other upholstery fabrics?

Upholstered furniture that comes with the Efficiency quality label offers aesthetic value, easy cleaning and a long life. Thanks to a strict control over raw materials and production processes Efficiency fabrics are guaranteed to be 100% safe. For these reasons Efficiency fabrics are especially suited for households with young children or pet animals, but can be applied in any home with a specific need for quality, hygiene and comfort.

Why is an Efficiency® fabric safe and hygienic?

Crevin, the manufacturer of Efficiency branded fabrics, is in full control of its own production, from the designing to the finishing of fabrics, and carefully select raw materials that come from the most renowned suppliers. All substances used for Efficiency fabrics are identified and registered according to the requirements of the REACH legislation, the official EU regulation developed for the protection of human health and the environment. Moreover, Efficiency fabrics are of easy care and 100% washable by domestic machine-washing, and as such hygienic.

What consumer groups is Efficiency® designed for?

The Efficiency brand has been developed for responsible and value-conscious consumers, people that want something well-made and beautiful to look at and that share a concern for the environment.

What does the slogan “Upholstery for People-Friendly Interiors” mean?

People are central to the interiors they live in. Efficiency fabrics are designed to offer people maximum comfort and well-being. This is what is meant with “upholstery for people-friendly interiors”: decoration materials that are safe, durable, easy to maintain and not likely to cause people any stress or trouble.

Why are Efficiency® fabrics eco-friendly?

Efficiency fabrics are manufactured in such a way that their impact on the natural environment is kept to a minimum. All routines pertaining to this environmental-friendly manufacturing process (minimizing energy, water and gas use, minimum use of dyes and chemicals, avoidance of waste, recycling of rest materials, etc.) are documented under the ISO 14001 environmental certification and are such subject to control. It is also worth noting that the Efficiency brand is manufactured exclusively in Europe in accordance with European environmental laws.

How are stains removed from an Efficiency® fabric?

It is best to treat the stains as soon as they occur. First remove any excess material with absorbent paper, and then gently rub the stain with a clean cloth damped with soapy water. With persistent stains the stain can be treated directly with a bit of soapy water and then rubbed dry. Please refer also to the Cleaning Instructions in the Easy Clean section of this website or send your inquiry to info@efficiencyfabrics.com

Is the easy clean aspect of the Efficiency® brand better than other anti-stain treatments?

The Efficiency easy care finishing is a built-in protection that offers a long-lasting resistance to stains and soiling, also after washing. This is an advantage compared to stain resistant treatments that are applied onto the surface of fabrics. These form protective layers that tend to wear-off with time, especially with intensive use in mind or when a sofa cover needs periodical washing.

Can an Efficiency® fabric be washed by normal domestic machine-washing?

Yes. All sofa covers made with Efficiency fabrics can be washed by normal domestic machine-washing at 30 º C using a neutral detergent and a delicate washing program with a low cycle. For further instructions please refer to the Cleaning Instructions in the Easy Clean section of this website. 

Does the manufacturer offer an after sales service or is it possible to contact them directly in case of doubts?

All inquiries that refer exclusively to care aspects of the sofa cover can be directed to info@efficiencyfabrics.com or using the contact form in this website. For all other inquiries contact the dealer where the sofa was purchased.